Prestige car finance in Warrington

Prestige car finance in Warrington

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At Rix Motor Company, we have been helping people in Warrington, Cheshire find the car of their dreams at a price they can afford since 1970. In that time, we have learned that not everybody is in a position to purchase their vehicle in the same way.

While some are quite comfortable paying a single upfront sum, others prefer to stagger the price over a series of payments, while others look to finance their next car by trading in their old one. We believe in catering for everybody, and that’s why we offer a flexible menu of car finance options to all of our customers – even those with bad credit.

Hire purchase

With HP, you are essentially taking out a secured loan against the value of the used car you wish to buy and, over the course of a set period, you repay it with interest.

The reason so many people in Warrington choose this option is that it allows for a huge amount of flexibility. As well as giving you breathing space in your budget, you can control the amount you pay each month. Plus, once you pay off the HP agreement, the car is all yours. It’s simple to manage and straightforward to understand.

How to get started

Applying for car finance from Rix could not be easier. In fact, you can do it right now in just a few quick steps. Simply fill in a few details on our online application form, and we will get back to you ASAP with a quote on how much finance we can offer you. With this in mind, you can then begin browsing our used car selection for your next vehicle.

Car finance from Rix is fast, secure and very affordable. So, what are you waiting for? Get your free quote today.

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