Volkswagen Golf Deals For 2020

Volkswagen Golf Deals For 2020

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In a series of articles, we are taking a closer look at a variety of different vehicles, focusing on their history, their feature set, their general legacy within the automotive industry, and the best finance deals that we currently have available for each model. In today’s blog, we are spotlighting the Volkswagen Golf.

VW Golf: An Overview

The Volkswagen Golf has been around for a long time, coming up on 46 years as a part of the driving scene. Indeed, the Golf is now in its sixth decade, having first become available for drivers across the UK way back in 1974. The Golf didn’t take too long to become a hit with motorists, with this compact car having achieved massive sales and plenty of top awards throughout its life span. It is an exciting time to be a fan of the Golf, given that its eight generation offering was shown to the public in October 2019 in Wolfsburg, Germany. Expect the eighth-gen Golf to be one of the more talked-about and successful vehicles this year, which is a safe bet based on the Golf’s illustrious history to date.

Features & Specs

In terms of what is to come, the eighth incarnation of the Volkswagen Golf promises to provide petrol, diesel and hybrid engine options, along with 6-speed manual and 7-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission variants. Sleeker lights at the front and rear of the vehicle, along with the inclusion of Matrix-LED headlights (a new expression within the driving world, it has to be said), travel assist features that make a long journey more simplified and smooth for both the driver and any passengers on board, and a fully digital panel to control the likes of headlights and fog lights are noteworthy features. But it is the car’s willingness to embrace the future, and to involve modern technology to more depth than ever before, that makes the eighth-gen Golf a likelihood for further awards in 2020 and beyond.

Indeed, the newest Golf will take giant steps that few could have ever envisioned from a car, thus emphasising the use of the word “machine” when describing the vehicle’s options for motorists. This includes integration with Amazon’s popular Alexa voice recognition technology (which makes it safer for drivers to complete smaller tasks that are required during journeys), an advanced HUD (heads-up display) that offers more details about the specifics of a particular trip than what has previously been seen by any Volkswagen vehicle, as well as the use of Car2X. This means that the Golf will be able to exchange information with other cars within an 800-metre radius, which is fascinating to think about and could be vital when alerting other motors to the likes of malfunctioning headlights. Add to this other innovations such as three-zone climate control (which uses smart technology to determine the most appropriate use of air conditioning and/or heating for the interior of the motor) and mobile key (which upon infotainment link-up allows a driver to unlock their car from the outside by holding a Samsung mobile phone next to the handle rather than having to manually gain entry), and it certainly feels like Volkswagen are onto another guaranteed success with this unique and modern version of a now-classic series.

Current VW Golf Finance Deals

We previously covered some of our most eye-catching Volkswagen Golf deals in a recent article, so here we will be shining the spotlight on some of our most requested finance plans for the VW Golf. Amongst those is a deal right now for a 2016 registration model, one that has a dark night blue bodywork and a mileage of roughly 29,000 to date. This hatchback car has a hybrid electric engine while running on automatic transmission, and it can be purchased from Rix Motors for £88 per week, £352 per month, or £20,999 in one go.

VW Golf on Finance UK

There are alternatives, one of which is for a 2015 registration offering of the Golf. This hatchback car comes in a pure white bodywork, and its mileage is around 36,000 as we write this article. The vehicle runs on diesel power with automatic transmission, and its current purchase price stands at £71 per week, which equates to £284 per month and £16,999 as a complete buy.

Automatic VW Golf on Finance

That isn’t our cheapest deal for the Volkswagen Golf, mind you. That title is reserved for our finance plan pertaining to a somewhat old-school model, that being a 2006 registration hatchback car that boasts a sturdy reflex silver bodywork and a significant mileage to date of approximately 85,000. Running on diesel power with manual transmission, this vehicle can be bought now for an eye-wateringly low £17 per week, meaning just £68 per month, and only £3,999 if you buy the car in one fell swoop.

Cheap Volkswagen Golf on Finance


The high reputation of the Volkswagen Golf and its suitably-strong sales figures from over the years mean that the manufacturer could have easily rested on its laurels and allowed its standing within the driving community to carry it through the years to come. Thankfully, though, VW have recognised that the Golf has to continuously evolve with the times in order to truly stay ahead of its competitors from both an artistic and commercial standpoint. The upshot is that the Golf has continued to adapt to an ever-changing automotive world, and never has this been made more clear than with the incredible amount of innovation offered by its forthcoming eighth generation model. Based on how well the Golf has done up to this point, it seems safe to say that the new Golf is going to be one of the most requested and lauded vehicles to officially launch in 2020, allowing the series to remain one of the greatest in British motoring, an achievement that it will retain for a long, long time to come.

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