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vw Golf GTD

The Volkswagen Golf GTD has been reformed from when it was first launched in 2009,now with great performance and fuel efficiency makes it a very popular car.With a 2.0 litre turbo diesel engine producing 181bhp it is very quick for an efficient diesel car.With 2 transmission options the first being the standard manual option and secondly the auto DSG gearbox.

The cost of purcashing a new GTD is not cheap with a DSG gearbox it is roughly £28,000 how ever with a manual gearbox it is £26,000.Like always you can add optional extras which also rack up the cost of the GTD such as key-less entry,satnav and many more other extras.However the GTD does come well equipped standard with DAB radio,dual climate control,bluetooth and cruise control.Holding around 47.7% of its value over three years the GTD is a effienct way not to loose too much money.

You can pick up a second hand two year old GTD with a decent spec for around £20,990.Which is good value for money considering you get a combined MPG of 62.8 and the road tax being £20.The GTD is one of the best diesel car’s on the road today.

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