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The Volkswagen Golf GTI is a great hot hatch which is cheaper than most of the common hot hatches such as the similar Golf R and the S3. The 2.0l engine is similar to the Golf R, the GTI only has a 79bhp difference and the 4 wheel drive system. Is it worth such a big price difference. With the Golf R going form 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds and the GTI being only 1.6 seconds slower. The golf GTI isn’t much slower then in comparison to the Golf R.

The GTI is available in both manual and DSG, and although the Golf GTI is front wheel drive it still has amazing grip through the corners.For extra money you can get a perormance pack which gives you bigger front brakes and an extra 10BHP, also you can get a club sport version with 286BHP.Even though the Golf GTI is a fast hot hatch it is also comfortable to drive even without the optional adaptive dampers,in comfort mode the car glides along, when switched into sport mode the car stiffens up so you can feel the road and handle the car at speeds through corners.The combined MPG of the GTI being 44.1 it is not that bad on fuel for the performance it offers. With a stylish simplistic interior the GTI is similar to the Golf R.With cloth interior as standard you can upgrade to leather however the cloth is still stylish.The car comes standard with DAB radio,bluetooth and adaptive cruise control.The GTI comes standard with a 6.5-inch touchscreen system which is easy to use and navigate around.

The Golf GTI when new retails around £27,000 however you can now pick up a decent mileage 2 year old GTI DSG performance pack for around £21,000.

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