Why a Ford?

Why a Ford?

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Ford – it’s the original everyman’s car, going all the way back to 1908 when the first Model T rolled off the production line in the USA and quickly became the first mass market car in the world. You didn’t have to be rich to be able to afford a Ford back then and for your hard-earned money you got a well-made, modern vehicle that was reliable and held its value. The Ford philosophy hasn’t changed since then and millions of people around the world today still recognise Ford as a name they can trust.

Here at Rix Motor Company, we’re always happy to have a good selection of used Fords in stock at our Warrington showroom, in Cheshire. Many of us have owned a Ford at one time or another, and some of our customers won’t drive anything else. Does that mean every Ford has been without fault? Of course not, but consider some of the great models Ford have produced, such as the Mondeo, a true ‘world car’ and one that’s won countless awards since it was launched in 1992. The Ford Fiesta is regularly voted motorists’ favourite car, so too the Ford Focus, and the list goes on.

Ford has always been a great innovator, coming out with new model designs, from the Model T onwards. Their cars are still among the most technologically advanced vehicles on the road today, and safety and reliability remain Ford bywords. Affordability is another of Ford’s strengths, as is value for money and driver satisfaction.

At Rix Motor Company, we have a great range of quality used Fords in stock, including a selection of the most popular models mentioned earlier: Mondeo, Fiesta, Focus, as well as Ka. All great cars and all at affordable prices. Once you’ve found the model you’re after, spreading the cost of your used Ford over a manageable period can make life a bit easier, and arranging the finance can be done online in next to no time

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