Women are the shrewdest car buyers

Women are the shrewdest car buyers

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WOMEN are the shrewdest when it comes to buying a new car, according to a new survey.

Research has found that beauty and performance are the stand-out qualities men go for while women are all about practicality, fuel economy and servicing costs.

The fairer sex even check out legroom and how far they have to travel to buy the car.

The findings by Carbuyer finally dismiss the old myths about women being less sophisticated than men in their view of cars, instead revealing them as increasingly assertive, practical and switched-on to all aspects of car ownership.

Men are almost 20 per cent more likely than women to be swayed by colour and nearly 40 per cent more likely to be influenced by a manufacturer’s reputation when it comes to purchasing their next vehicle. That’s in contrast to women, who keep a firm eye on future and ongoing running costs.

Women are 25 per cent more likely than men to be influenced by fuel economy and 20 per cent more likely by servicing costs. They even take into greater consideration their insurance costs and the location of the dealership.

Women are not only prudent, but pragmatic. They prioritise a vehicle’s space and practicality over aesthetics, with the research showing women place greater importance on legroom, boot space and how easy a car is to park.

While men are driven by the public perception of a new motor, falling for looks, power and prestige, 50 per cent admitted that their partners had an influence when it comes to making a car purchase, compared to 39 per cent of women.

Despite the research showing an evolution in female assertiveness in the car-buying transaction, men are still 20 per cent more likely to negotiate a better deal on their next car.

Stuart Milne, Carbuyer editor, said: “Our research reveals that despite women having a generally positive experience, there’s still a way to go before they feel as comfortable as men going into a dealership on their own and getting the best possible deal.”

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