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No Deposit Cars For £99 Per Month

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When arranging a finance plan with Rix Motors, if you go for either a Hire Purchase (HP) or a Personal Loan (PL), you will not have to pay a deposit as part of the purchase. This is a major incentive for many potential customers, and it also helps when the overall cost as a whole is pretty low. Today, we will be spotlighting car finance plans that don’t include a deposit and which require monthly payments of less than £99. The dealers that can offer such offers are very few in the UK so grab these opportunities when you can.


First of all, we have a very popular and rather snazzy vehicle in the form of the ever-reliable Volkswagen Golf for sale. There are many plans that we have to offer for the Golf, but the deal that we are focusing on in this case is for a 2010 registration model. The hatchback car comes in an attractive red bodywork that is easy on the eye, and it is an extremely-experienced vehicle with around 152,000 miles on the clock to date. It runs on diesel power with manual transmission, and it can be bought for only £21 per week, equating to approximately £84 per month and £4,999 in total.


Secondly, there is the Honda Civic for sale. This is a slightly older vehicle, being that it has a 2008 registration, and it is also a tried-and-trusted car where you know what you will be getting from the overall package. The hatchback model comes in a sturdy silver bodywork, and it has racked up 77,000 miles as of this writing. It is a more traditional version, almost a hark back to an older age, as it runs on petrol with manual transmission, and the car itself can be bought today at a cost of £17 per week, around £68 per month, or £3,999 as a whole.

Last but not least, we have got the BMW 3 Series for sale, which represents truly extraordinary value and is a fantastic way to quickly get on the road. This is a very old-school design, and it’s no wonder: this is a 1997 registration car, making it the perfect example of a vintage motor. The saloon car comes in a green bodywork, and it has a mileage so far of 136,000 miles during its significant lifespan of 22 years. Unsurprisingly, this also runs on petrol with manual transmission, but check out the price: it costs only £12 per week, £48 per month, or £2,900 in a one-off purchase. If you need a car ASAP, this is our most cost-effective deal, actually being less than half of three figures on a monthly basis.

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