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Reginald Rix

I left school in 1975 to follow my father's footsteps into the motor trade. I have loved cars from a young age and even sold my first car at 8 years old. Back then I received a small wage for cleaning my dad's cars so I was able to save my money to buy my own cars to sell. I did a lot of cleaning! My dad bought cars from main dealers around the Manchester area (Henleys, Portman Mercedes & Jaguar and BMW Williams). I remember often helping my dad pick up the cars.

At 17 I decided to branch out on my own, knowing of my dad's experience, I only bought from main dealers as the part exchanges were good cars with full service history, often 1 owner and maintained to a very high standard. My car sales from 1976 to 1996 we sold exclusively to retailers and British Car Auctions. On average I was selling about 80 cars a week into the trade - selling mainly at Brighouse, Measham and Blackbushe.

I was married early and have 4 sons and 2 daughters.

In early 1996 I decided to expand into retail after having wanted to do so for a number of years. So far it has been an exciting experience. We bought Hawleys Lane, Warrington in August 1996 and opened in October with around 100 cars.

Quickly, our showroom became very successful and earned respect as a very good family garage, looking after our local customers. Our repeat business was fantastic, around 85% of people came back with family and friends. We all worked very hard and opened our second site in Knutsford - Chelford area close to where I live in 1999/2000. Also in 2000, I helped Reg and Louis my eldest sons with Netcars 2000 which was a challenger to Autotrader.

It came to be a strain financially with two showrooms, my sons business, the recession in 2000 and not to mention still having children of school age. It was tough but I decided to let the Knutsford site go and concentrate all my efforts on my premier site in Warrington. This was the best decision I could have made and we succeeded in Warrington selling over 150 cars per month (all while still paying for the lease at Knutsford and still supporting my sons' fledgeling business).

In August 2006 Charles and Henry my younger sons joined our company straight from school to help the family business. They both picked up the motor trade very quickly with Henry mainly doing the buying and Charles helping me manage operations as well as selling.

More recently, in the past 3 years, we have grown the business taking on a workshop and 2 huge indoor showrooms. We have great staff and a talented sales team selling over 300 cars per month. I hope to expand even more in the next couple of years.

We have some fantastic relationships with dealers and have access to thousands of cars to meet any customer's needs. In my 45 years of experience, I have learnt to always put the customer first, I believe this is the reason for our continued success and the reason so many of our customer's come back to us. We strive to be the best and I believe we are the best at what we do here at Rix.

Rix Rix Rix

Charles Rix

I left school in 2005 with 11 GCSEs (1 A, 6 B's and 4 C's). I mention my grades to illustrate that I wasn't the best in school - it was always something I had to work hard at. But what I did have was masses of common sense, a good gut instinct and leadership skills.

I didn't know what I wanted to do when left school, I could have gone to work with my older brothers or gone to work for my dad, I wasn't sure what to do. I was very close to my younger brother Henry - he had a year left in school and had always wanted to work with dad because he loved cars. I was at a crossroads so I decided to go to college for a year while I decided what to do. When Henry left school we both decided to join our dad and become part of the Rix family business. I got to help my dad and work with my brother so it was a good choice for me.

Before working for my dad, I'd never had a real job. I made money helping my mum do jobs around the house. I even sold eggs to my teachers and neighbours and at one point was making £250 a month. Eventually, I upped my game and bought 10 mini motos (small petrol motorbikes) off eBay to sell to my friends and even managed to sell one in my dad's showroom.

I started working on sales in August 2006 and soon picked it up. I learnt that you have to adapt to different personalities in order to have the best approach. In my first month, I sold over 20 cars and was loving doing it - I got a real buzz from each sale. I spent 2 years working in sales and learnt a lot about the business during that time. I wanted the company to progress into a new more digital era so we redeveloped the website and looked into advertising in different ways.

In 2009 my former school friend Chris was looking for a job so we decided to start him in sales. He picked it up quickly and has become a massive asset to the company, along with our many other staff members - some of whom have been with us since I was in primary school (over 25 years!).

In 2016 we started a re-brand. Our current showroom was fully refurbished and along with that, we got a new logo and website. At that point we were running out of space for our stock, so we looked to expand. We bought an old unit just up the road from our main showroom which we fully refurbished (new cladding on the building and tarmacked the area). The valeting moved to this site which gave us more room at our main showroom. In 2017 we took over another large unit that holds over 200 cars, this did not take long to fill up. Since then we have recently taken on a bigger unit where we check/prepare all our cars to a very high standard. I plan to make sure Rix adapts to the future of our industry while maintaining our commitment to great service and standards. Bring it on I say!


Henry Rix

My passion for cars came at a young age, probably 4-5 years of age I would say. I collected model cars mainly 1.18 scale (sounding geeky now) and whenever my Birthday or Christmas came around I would add to the collection I had. They all came in boxes but the first thing I wanted to do was take them out of the box and either play with them or line them up perfectly. I still have these to this day, but in hindsight should have kept them in their boxes but hey ho.

Now onto my education, which at the time I didn't take seriously, as from a young age I always wanted to help my dad at the showroom in Warrington. My dad is a living legend and no one who knows him has a bad word to say about him. He's kind and his advice on life is always spot on. I remember one rainy Monday morning I had been at school, putting my head against the window in the form room and thinking I am here all week, all I wanted to do was shadow my dad and learn the job. I was at school but didn't take much in because I had already chosen my career. Looking back at school, I would say at the time I hated it which is a very strong statement so I apologise for that, but like I said I already knew what my path in life would be. I have now realised these were probably the best years, no financial commitments, no targets, stress the list goes on. Plus the fact you were with your friends every day and could have a right good laugh. You knew the teachers you could push the buttons with and also the ones you daren't. The secondary school I went to was called North Cestrian and I really do have some fond memories so I have to thank the school for that. I left in the summer of 2006, so some 14 years ago now and am still very close with 7-8 people from the school.

I'd be wrong not to also mention my amazing mother who brought 6 of us into the world, we have a large family and we are all very close.

I started work in August 2006 with Charles, my elder brother of 14 months. He went to college for a year so that we could start at the same time. We are both very different but this works, as the business has lots of requirements that need attending to. I am more front-of-house with the buying and selling aspect of the business and Charles runs all the background side along with the recruitment and IT systems we have to put in place as the business grows. I am passionate about my job and love meeting people, so I have the perfect job.

When people are buying the second biggest purchase they will ever buy, they need to feel confident in the surroundings, so that is very important to us. We class ourselves as "A Dealership With A Difference".

A few customers have asked us what that difference is? For one we are family run and not too big to care about each and every one of our customers. On most occasions, there will be a Rix on-site and we are very thankful for each customer who buys a car from us. Without our customers we wouldn't be successful, so we keep our customers at the forefront of what we do. We like to cater for all customers - whether it's your first car or your Prestige marques. Most cars are handpicked, 1 Owner with service history. The cars are presented to a very high standard, we refurbish all the alloy wheels in-house, mot and service work is completed in-house along with all the fine trimmings. The future is very exciting for Rix and we want to carry on with our expansion, but on the flip side want to keep the personal touches the Rix family have to offer.

We understand the market we are in, is very competitive, so we must get it right the first time around.

We have in the region of 80% repeat custom and it is lovely seeing old faces pop up again. It makes you feel like you have a strong business model that people can trust.

Charles and I both have customers that will text or ring us directly when they want to change, which speaks volumes. These are not our customers, these people are part of our big family here at Rix.

If you are reading this, you may or may not have purchased a car from Rix, but all I will say is put your faith in us and we will not let you down, you have my word on this

Thank you for taking the time to read this today

Rix Rix


Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson is a Scottish professional darts player, currently playing in the Professional Darts Corporation. He is also a former BDO/WDF world number one and two-time PDC World Champion, having won the title in 2015 and 2016. His nickname is The Flying Scotsman.

We have sponsored Gary Anderson for over 10 years now, even before he was world champion. When he won it was such fantastic news. We held a darts night back in 2011 where our dad Reg Rix beat Gary with a fantastic checkout (video below).

Gary had his chance to get his own back when our two older brothers (Directors of CarFinance247) held a charity event for Forever Manchester in November 2018. We don't have any video proof for this one but Reg Rix won again. 2-0 to Mr Rix!

Proud sponsors of Styal FC

We are the proud sponsors of Styal FC who are in the Cheshire football league division one.

The lads have had a great start to the season in this difficult time, winning the Altrincham Cup 3-2 against Partington FC.

We are lucky enough to have one of the players work for us, Daniel McDonald. Dan plays in the centre of the park.

With a hard season ahead we wish everyone the very best of luck. Let's hope that Styal can bring another cup home.

To view the table and fixtures please visit Styal FC