Drive away with complete peace of mind

We pride ourselves on providing mechanically sound and robust products that have been maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's service schedule wherever possible. That said, as cars are after all mechanical, we offer a standard parts and labour warranty on all vehicles. Peace of mind is our priority.

Extendable Warranty

There is also the option to purchase a more comprehensive Rix warranty that protects you from unexpected costs after your car warranty has ended. Up to a period of 3 years at an additional cost. Please call 01925 230360 for a detailed overview of all products and services available.

Rix warranty pricing structure

  • £0 - £9999 (1 year: £499)
  • £10,000 - £12,999 (1 year: £599)
  • £13,000 - £15,999 (1 year: £699)
  • £16,000 - £18,999 (1 year: £799)

All 4x4's and engine sizes over 2.7ltr (1 year: £899)