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Here at Rix Motors, we aim to structure our finance plans so that customers will make weekly payments. Given that other dealerships opt for a monthly payment structure, this may be confusing at first, but as we will explain, the benefits of paying weekly for car finance are such that it is ultimately the better option for motorists.

We will start by pointing out that weekly payments will, by definition, be lower than monthly payments. Even though you will end up paying the same level of cash overall, the fact that you are paying four smaller amounts rather than one larger figure will be easier to manage, and also easier to find the money for should you be having to spend on other payments throughout the month. Other bills could require a certain level of cash, so having four minor weekly payments is more manageable in the long run.

Weekly payments will also allow you to remain in greater control of your finances to a greater extent that monthly payments would. Because you know that you will need to pay a set weekly fee, and that such a figure would be feasible, you will always be able to ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover each payment, making it less likely that you would struggle to keep up at any point. It is a regular reminder that you are entered into such an agreement, and therefore you should have an easier time with managing your payments.

The other benefit of making weekly payments is that it makes the price of the vehicle seem more feasible, even if the overall cost of the vehicle remains the same. If you think about the three ways that you can purchase a car, you can do so in one lump sum, on a monthly basis, or with weekly payments. The lump sum is usually too large for motorists to consider splashing out, but the monthly figure may also seem daunting. By paying week-by-week, the car seems more realistic to own, even though you will still be paying the exact same price overall.

These are some examples as to why weekly car finance is better for the customer. Over 95% of our vehicle can be procured on a  low rate finance deal. Apply today for a No obligation quote.

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