Mercedes-Benz are right up there when it comes to globally-recognisable and highly-prestigious car manufacturers, and this brand image is reflected in the fleet of vehicles that it provides for customers. Even those who already own a car dream of one day owning a Mercedes. If you’re in the position now where you can consider buying a Mercedes model, though, there are plenty of choices to consider, and here at Rix Motors, we have a wide spectrum of car finance plans available, some of which we have outlined below.

The first of these is a Mercedes-Benz A-Class on finance car. This is a 2016 registration model, and it’s a fine motor with an exterior that is both spacious and compact, while delivering a somewhat intimidating front bumper to enhance its feeling of power and control. This particular car is available in light blue, which adds that extra dimension of colour when on the road, and it has only clocked up 12,000 miles as we write this. If you wish to purchase this car, which runs on petrol with automatic transmission, the current price is £129 per week, or £30,999 as a one-off purchase.

Secondly, we have an entry from the Mercedes-Benz C-Class range. It’s slightly older, being a 2015 registration vehicle, and it comes in a striking white bodywork that further enhances the fearsome reputation that it will have amongst other cars! It has driven up to 21,000 miles so far, but there is plenty of life left in what is a superb all-round motor. The car also runs on diesel with automatic transmission, and the asking price right now for this particular C-Class car is £100, or £23,999 if you wish to buy it in one fell swoop.

We’ll round things off with a Mercedes-Benz E-Class on finance vehicle. This is the among the most recent of the three cars under scrutiny today, as it is a 2016 registration car which is practically brand new, enhanced by the fact that its current mileage stands at only 15,000. It comes in a super-neat & shiny black bodywork, bringing a casual and sporty vibe to the driving experience when you’re sat behind the wheel. This time, it runs on diesel power, but still with automatic transmission, and it is available now for only £96 per week, the best price for a relatively fresh motor, or £22,999 as a complete purchase, still the cheapest of these three options.

As you may imagine, though, we have a whole host of car finance deals available for Mercedes-Benz models. Apply today for a No obligation quote, Want to know more? Call us on 01925 230360.