BMW 1 Series: Sports Car Or Family Car?

BMW 1 Series: Sports Car Or Family Car?

Blog / BMW 1 Series: Sports Car Or Family Car?


The BMW 1 Series has proven to be one of the more popular ranges for the German manufacturer, but it has been debated as to whether or not this would be considered a sports car or a family car, which could have an impact on its positioning within the market as it determines its primary target audience. We will delve into this topic in further detail in this article.

To begin with the notion of the BMW 1 Series being deemed a sporty vehicle, this is the case based on a number of factors. The car has excellent handling and control which make it a joy to drive around in. The driving experience itself is very comfortable, ensuring smooth journeys regardless of your destination. The model itself is sleek yet spacious, and its wide range of options when it comes to the colour of the bodywork enhance the feeling of coolness that comes from both looking at and driving around in this vehicle. Add to that its power and speed when sat behind the wheel, and not only could you describe the BMW 1 Series as a sporty vehicle, but it is actually one of the finest around.

Now, we’ll look at how it operates to suit families. It provides enough room for both partners and up to three children, as well as ensuring plenty of storage for any additional bags or equipment you are bringing along, which is particularly useful when going on an excursion or even a holiday in this country. Then, there is the multitude of options that will capture the imagination of younger travellers, such as Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth and DAB radio to play music, and USB ports to charge devices. On top of all that, the car has an outstanding safety rating, making this a great option for any motorist with a family.

Really, then, this could be described as a multipurpose vehicle, as its design aspects allow it to be categorised in a number of ways. It is officially a saloon car, a compact car that has all of the elements that you would associate with a sporty vehicle, whilst also offering the space and features that allow it to appeal to those with children. It all depends, really, on what you are looking for from the motor, as you could then utilise its plethora of options accordingly. But whether you are interested in taking it for a spin to wow your friends, or you want a smooth journey that will keep the kids happy, the BMW 1 Series covers all bases, and as a result, it is a shining example of a car perfectly suited to both sporty drivers and families.

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