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Rix Motors are one of the leading providers of car finance in the United Kingdom; we are considered to be a true car finance specialist by our customers, and we will now explain why this is the case in further detail.

First of all, we have a huge range of cars on finance in stock, coming in at almost 500 cars as of this writing. This covers a massive range of manufacturers, models, colours, shapes, sizes and all sorts, as well as any feature set and form of functionality imaginable. From there, though, there are a multitude of finance options, based on deposits or a lack thereof, whether you wish to own the car outright or simply hire it, whether a loan is required, and so on. In other words, every single possibility is covered, allowing you to not only end up with the car of your dreams, but also the most perfectly-suited and specifically-tailored finance plan.


Next, we work extremely closely with the customer to identify the most suitable vehicle and associated finance plan for you. We keep in contact throughout the process, but more importantly, we handle all of the extra legwork. We simply need to know from you what sort of car you are looking for, and your financial circumstances, as well as your previous history of car purchases. Once we have gathered this information, it is our job to take these facts and build the most feasible deal for you. You’ll be able to sit back and relax, knowing that the process is under way that will culminate in you getting a new and fantastic vehicle, and should we require any further information, we will let you know!

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Finally, we understand that sometimes you will need a car pretty quickly, and therefore we are happy to say that we have a fast turnaround when it comes to putting together and instigating a finance plan. Of course, it is more preferable when a customer is able to take the time to go away and think about the different options on the table before deciding which to take, but there are times when a client does not have this luxury, and simply needs to have a new car ASAP. We will work to not only make this happen, but to still ensure that you don’t jump head-first into a purchase without understanding what is involved, as well as simplifying things so that you can relax, even when requiring a car at short notice. We greatly reduce the pressure involved, and you’ll find yourself behind the wheel of a new motor in next-to-no time.

To view our most attractive finance offers on some of the most sort after car brands, visit the links below:

So, these are just some of the reasons why we are considered a leading car finance specialist, but you can learn more by contacting our vehicle financing team here or if you just want to browse our stock page first, feel free. For an instant No Obligation quote, Apply today or Call us on 01925 230360.

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