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Here at Rix Motors, we pride ourselves on not only delivering the very best vehicles on car finance plans, but to offer them for our customers at a low cost. This means that you will be making a tremendous saving without compromising the quality or performance of your chosen car; we simply have a plethora of first-class vehicles on low cost car finance plans. We have listed some of the best on today’s market below.


To begin with, we have got a cracking deal right now for the Ford Fiesta. It’s a modern vintage car given that it is a 2014 registration vehicle, coming in a traditional white bodywork. The hatchback motor has driven up 70,000 miles, which is significant enough to demonstrate its efficiency, but it also shows that the car has far from passed its peak in terms of performance. Running on petrol with manual transmission, this particular model is available at the moment for only £29 per week, or £6,999 as a one-off purchase.


That’s quite the price for a long-time favourite, but it’s far from our only top-drawer deal. Another plan that is worthy of your consideration is for a smart vehicle, in this case the Smart Fortwo Cabrio. Again, it’s a 2008 registration motor, this time coming in a retro yellow exterior. It has driven fewer miles, with the current total standing at 33,000, and the convertible car runs on petrol with automatic transmission. The price actually sits just below £20 a week, officially being available for £19 a week, or £4,499 in total.


If you still want to save a few extra pennies, though, we have one more deal that will capture your attention. This one is for the Vauxhall Vectra, with this version being a 2007 registration model, and coming in a spinell red, almost maroon bodywork. This is also a hatchback car, and it has clocked up a mileage of 75,000 as we write this. This particular motor runs on diesel power with automatic transmission, and it can be bought right now for just £15 per week, which is truly astonishing value, or £3,499 as a complete purchase.

These are a couple of our very best low cost finance plans, and you can check them all out on our stock page. Apply today for a No obligation quote, Want to know more? Call us on 01925 230360.

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