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So, let’s say that you are thinking about buying a Mercedes Benz C-Class vehicle, and it has been mentioned to you that you could buy the car on a finance deal. You have read up on how a finance plan would work and you are ready to apply, but you are unsure as to what criteria may be required. Here, we will discuss what factors will impact your eligibility for a finance deal, as well as some examples of the many finance plans that we presently have here at Rix Motors for the Mercedes C-Class vehicle.

If you wish to pay for the car on finance, then you need to provide evidence that you can keep up with the regular payments. This means having a sustainable regular income that easily outweighs what you would be paying every month for the vehicle, as well as having a good credit score to demonstrate that you are not paying off any other debts nor are you likely to struggle to maintain your expenses on the vehicle based on past experiences. You should also be able to demonstrate that you have successfully made previous major purchases, or alternatively that you are well-advised on how much money you would need to set aside if a subsequent big buy (for a house, for instance) is in your near future. Generally speaking, you need to prove that you are financially capable of paying for the car over the long-term in order to meet the criteria required for a finance plan, as well as being able to prove that you are in fact legally qualified to drive (presenting your licence and insurance documentation).

With that being said, let’s now consider what finance plans are available right now for the Mercedes C-Class range. One of those deals that we currently offer to customers is for a 2016 registration vehicle – C200, one that comes from its current fourth generation and has a white bodywork to enhance the image of both the motor itself and of the person behind the wheel! This saloon car only has 7,000 miles on the clock so far, and it runs on petrol power with automatic transmission. Buying this particular Mercedes C-Class today will only cost you £88 per week, equating to £352 per month or £20,999 as a standalone purchase without any deposit required.

Another great deal that we have got for the Mercedes C-Class brings the total cost down even more to ensure that you would make a top saving on this vehicle. It concerns a third-gen, 2012 registration car that has a powerful shiny black bodywork and a mileage of approximately 81,000. This saloon car also runs on diesel power with automatic transmission, and it can be purchased now for as little as £50 per week, which means just £200 per month and £11,999 to buy it in one go.

These are just a few no-deposit finance plans for the Mercedes C-Class . When you’re ready for your next purchase, contact our Cheshire based team who will happily assist you with our most attractive finance offers on some of the most sort after car brands, visit the links below:

So, these are just some of the reasons why we are considered a leading car finance specialist, but you can learn more by contacting our vehicle financing team here or if you just want to browse our stock page first, feel free. For an instant No Obligation quoteApply today or Call us on 01925 230360.

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